Giroud, the big stop for OM and OL

Olivier Giroud’s agent took stock of his situation. In the event of Chelsea leaving, Ligue 1 will not be the priority of the Blues striker.

Michaël Manuello, the agent ofOlivier Giroud, took stock of his client’s situation in an interview with Foot Mercato. He admitted that the center forward of the Blues has again fallen in the hierarchy of attackers in the Blues, where he is helmed by Timo Werner and Tammy Abraham. And that, despite his double against Sweden this week, it could threaten his place in the France team. “You have to be honest and it is true that if it continues, it will be necessary, first for him, that he lives other emotions”, he formulated.

” France ? It is not a priority ”

The hypothesis of a departure from Chelsea is therefore clearly put back on the table, as in January 2020. And three Ligue 1 clubs would be interested in Giroud’s services: OM, OL and Bordeaux. Unfortunately for them, the former Arsenal player has other ideas in mind. “Regarding France, Olivier responded to this subject, explains his agent. It is not a priority. It is always possible depending on what will arise, it is not excluded but it is not a priority. In terms of emotions, there are other things to experience. He played in France and he was champion with Montpellier. Today, he’s not just looking for play time. He’s looking for fun, quality of life and thrills. So if he can ever discover something new, he will go for something new, it will be more interesting for him to live. “

” Discover another culture “

Even if the Premier League is close to his heart, Giroud, who was close to signing with Inter Milan a year ago, could try the adventure in another league. “The ideal would rather be for him to discover another culture, to make another overview, explains Michaël Manuello. Now, a new English club with goals can also make him think because the big difference with the Premier League is that it remains an extraordinary league, which offers a different pleasure. So if a really good Premier League club came along, yes that could weigh. But there is an open mind to go and live something elsewhere abroad. “

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