Giroud, it’s too unfair!

Didier Deschamps delivered a real plea to defend Olivier Giroud after the victory won by the Blues against Sweden (4-2).

Olivier Giroud has offered a new uppercase response to his detractors. It will obviously not be enough to silence the critics but proves, if it were necessary, the resilience of the Savoyard. Six days after the porridge made against Finland, the former Turinese delivered a completely different match against Sweden (4-2).

If he misplaced two or three opportunities on the way, the tricolor world champion has indeed offered himself a double, scoring his 43rd and 44th goals with the Blues. What to get closer to the absolute record of Thierry Henry, author of 51 goals in the shirt struck of the rooster, and to get a little respite after being strongly criticized for his performance against Finland.

We are often too unfair to him

“I’m used to being heckled. It’s part of my experience, my career and it gives me even more strength. I have no problem with that ”, he also confided at the end of the meeting at the microphone of M6, ensuring not to be revenge. The native of Chambéry can in any case count on the unwavering support of Didier Deschamps even though the coach recently pointed out his lack of playing time at Chelsea.

“The pikes come from outside. I talk to him, he is aware of the situation, explained the French coach. We cannot question what he has done, what he is capable of doing and what he will be able to do. He proved it again. This is a somewhat different case. We have the impression that every time he comes, he has to prove himself. Obviously, he’s still competitive. He comes with a physical deficit. Since October, he has had very, very little playing time. The first game served him well. He returned to Portugal well. There, he sets two beautiful goals. We are not talking about a player who has done nothing until then. We are often too unfair to him. There is a minimum anyway. If it’s not good, it can happen. From there to say that it is finished… ”