Girona will test the health certificate in Ethereum for mass events

A pilot test based on a blockchain application with the intention of recovering life as it was before the pandemic, will be carried out in the Catalan city of Girona, Spain, from February 25 to March 26. The goal is to enable people to travel, attend public events, shop, go to restaurants and do other activities that were previously everyday, without compromising the health of others.

The Obrir Girona project initiative (Open Girona, in Spanish) is organized by the Blockchain Center of Catalonia (CBCat) and supported by the City Council, the University of Girona, and the Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona and Girona, with the support of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The idea is that people can attend these mass events, reducing the chances of becoming infected and infecting others through a digital health certification system regarding Covid-19.

The security accreditation method will be done through AOKpass, a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. This point, according to the Blockchain Center of Catalonia, is key to ensuring and respecting the privacy and authenticity of personal data, since this blockchain is public and decentralized, which means that the data will never be in control of any company or public institution nor private.

In addition, according to they affirm, the reliability and transparency of the entire process is guaranteed, in a safe and immutable way, the user being solely responsible for their data.

The AOKpass application allows the verification of health status with health certificates and test results that are stored digitally only on the user’s mobile phone, without reaching an external database at any time. In this way, the user can present the digital pass to the corresponding authorities using a QR code.

Within the programmed agenda are several sporting, cultural, recreational and instructional events. Girona airport is also studying the possibility of participating.

The application could be implemented throughout Catalonia

“If the pilot test has positive results, the idea is to implement it in the rest of the Catalan territory,” said Quirze Salomón, president of the Blockchain Center of Catalonia. This project has been planned for some time and CriptoNoticias had reported on the preparations for this pilot.

This is not the first initiative to offer a blockchain-based digital health certification against Covid-19. This media reported on an application developed by IBM in order to monitor the user, record coronavirus tests and temperature scans to be able to share it with third parties and use it as an access pass to a particular place.