Girona once again yields Àlex Gallar to Cartagena

Girona has made it official this Friday night that the Terrassa winger Àlex Gallar is going to play next season at Cartagena, a club to which he arrives on loan as happened the previous season.

Not even the arrival of Míchel to the bench, with whom he had already met in a preseason in Huesca, has allowed the Catalan winger to stay this year in Girona.

Gallar, who did not have a good season at all in Girona’s return to the Smartbank League, left on loan to Cartagena last season, where he started very well, but the injuries weighed him down and he ended up losing performance. Now, after having been under Míchel’s orders for ten days, he is packing his bags again to return to Cartagonova, where this season he has played a total of 26 games in which he has scored two goals.

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