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The world of video games is entertaining for most; however, it has also turned out to be a nightmare for some. What we’re referring to is cases like that of a UK parent whose daughter spent more than $ 130,000 MXN on content for Roblox

As the BBC tells, Steve Cumming, a 72-year-old Briton, has a daughter who plays Roblox. On April 16, it allowed him to make an in-app purchase for £ 4.99 GPB ($ 142.17 MXN) and he thought that nothing else had happened.

However, some time later Cumming was in for a nasty surprise. The above as she discovered that her daughter had spent thousands of pounds sterling on the game. To be exact, the girl spent £ 4,642 GBP on the app, which equals $ 132,256.21 MXN.

But why did Cumming’s daughter spend so much money without asking her father? The girl assured that she was confused and that she believed that she was using false money to acquire the Roblox content. So he never thought that his purchases were affecting his father’s finances.

The story has a happy ending

As you can imagine, this situation caused Cumming to be very affected and scared. In fact, at times he thought he had been robbed, since he received « hundreds » of charges for purchases ranging from £ 0.99 GBP and £ 9.99 GBP.

“When I logged into my bank a month later, I was surprised to see hundreds and hundreds of different transactions. I couldn’t understand it. I thought I had been robbed. How is it that these companies allow them to catch minors in these games? ”Said the affected party.

After these complaints were made public, Roblox agreed to refund Cummings the money. So, the story ended with a happy ending and it would only happen as an anecdote.

Of course, Roblox also took the opportunity to remind parents to configure their account to require a password with each purchase. With this they can avoid more situations like this.

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