Two women and a girl were in the restaurant when the aggressor jumped a railing to try to take the child

| 09/15/2020 | ionicons-v5-c14: 10 | Brenda Reza |

South Africa.-The security camera of a Pizza shop in Roodepoort, South Africa, captured the dramatic moment when a man tried to kidnap a girl four-year-old who ate with his mother.

The incident occurred this Thursday, September 10, in the town of Florida, near Johannesburg.

The video shows two women with a girl on the terrace of restaurant, when a man quickly approaches and jumps over the railing.

The attacker goes straight to the little girl and grabs her by the neck, before one of the women jumps on the table to stop him.

Later, the owner of the premises manages to throw him to the ground, while other witnesses help him immobilize the aggressor. For their part, women and girl they flee to safety.

Two police officers, who arrived at the scene, arrested the 24-year-old attacker.