Girl In Red promises “some crazy shit” on her “very ambitious” debut album

Girl In Red has promised that their « very ambitious » next debut album will contain « some crazy shit. »

Last August, the Norwegian singer-songwriter shared the new song « Rue », the first trailer for the full album.

In a new interview with DIY, Marie Ulven has shed some more light on what to expect from the album. « There are some crazy things on this record, » he said. « I can assure you.

« I’m doing things I’ve never done before. It’s a very, very ambitious album, » he added, promising that the album will have similar styles to his previous work « except much, much cooler »: « This is shit 2.0 grown up. « .

Girl In Red marked « the beginning of a new phase » last April with her new single ‘Midnight Love’, explaining that her debut would be « definitely more mature » than her previous releases.

He added that the album will serve as an « emotional summary » of his senior year. « I’m writing a lot about my mental health and the different sides of love, you know, the kinds of things that take time away from me, » she added.

« I wasn’t doing very well last year, but now I’m better, I go to a lot of therapy. I’ve been very inspired by the way my brain works sometimes, and how something can be beautiful and broken at the same time. »

In a recent interview with NME, Girl In Red was asked if her debut album would be finished by Christmas, when her holiday single ‘Two Queens In A King-Sized Bed’ was released.

« Yes, it has to be! » He replied. « There is no other way! I can’t work on this album anymore. Every day that goes by, I get more confused with music so it’s very important to me to do this shit and get it out of my life!

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