Girl deceased and several people poisoned after eating soup in Aragua


A 1-year-old girl died and at least 10 people were poisoned after ingesting a soup to which they allegedly added substances not suitable for human consumption.

The incident occurred on Thursday in a house located in the El Ingenio sector of La Victoria, Aragua state, journalist Javier Mayorca reported on Twitter. Those affected were transferred to the Dr. José María Benítez Hospital.

Eleazar Urbáez, a photojournalist specialized in the source of events, pointed out on the social network that there are several children among those affected. He added that people had vomiting, dizziness, and skin rashes.

The minor died after arriving at the health center.

Maryuri Donayer, the doctor who treated them, subsequently presented a picture of intoxication serious and had to be transferred to the Central Hospital of Maracay. It is not known how she was also intoxicated.

Local journalist Gregoria Díaz said that Donayer’s health is serious.

Urbáez noted that, according to preliminary investigations, the people allegedly used a product containing urea, sulfur and agricultural salt. They would have mistaken it for edible salt.