He acknowledges that to get Ferrari’s attention, he must score great results

He claims that Kimi is the ideal teammate for him right now

Antonio Giovinazzi dreams of his first podium in Formula 1. The Italian acknowledges that during the 2019 season he went from less to more and hopes to have a great year in 2020, in which he will seek to score great results that draw the attention of Ferrari to take it into account as a candidate in 2021 if Sebastian Vettel does not renew.

Giovinazzi did not start particularly well in 2019 as he only scored one point in the first 13 races. However, after his ninth place in the Italian GP, ​​he increased his performance and achieved good results, including a fifth place in the crazy Brazilian GP.

The Italian hopes to continue the good fight in 2020 so that Ferrari trusts him for the future. He wants to fulfill his childhood dream and knows that he will have to impress to achieve it.

“In 2019 everything went up from Monza, the renewal with Alfa Romeo and the fifth place in Brazil were a real liberation. My dream for 2020 is for Alfa Romeo to get back on a podium in Formula 1. If I want to get to Ferrari I have to convince them with my results“, He has declared in an interview for the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Giovinazzi has also spoken about three familiar faces of the Ferrari team. On the one hand, he praised the experience and good treatment he receives from Kimi Räikkönen, his current teammate. Also the great work and involvement that Sebastian Vettel has. Lastly, he explains that he hardly knows Charles Leclerc, since they have never met.

Kimi is the ice man, but he’s someone very nice who has a lot of experience, an ideal teammate for me. Vettel impressed me with his determination when I was a tester at Ferrari, he was the first to arrive and the last to leave, he inspired me in my way of working. Lastly, I don’t know Leclerc very well, we have taken different paths, but he has incredible talent “.

The transalpine has commented on its activity during this quarantine. The Italian is unlucky with other riders to have a home gym, so he must continue to keep fit on his own. However, he has discovered a new passion: cooking.

“I take advantage to do physical activity, I am in contact with my coach and training day by day, to keep the neck muscles in tone. Many of my friends in Formula 1 have a gym at home, not me, but I organize myself. I can’t wait to go back to my C39, “he added.

“I miss my old friends, my girlfriend and my family. These days I have discovered that I am a good cookIt is not bad for me and I have to admit that cooking is becoming one of my passions. It is important, it helps your concentration, and to do more than just drive and train, “said Giovinazzi to finish.

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