Gio Urshela tested negative in his injury with the Yankees

Gio Urshela He showed negatives in the X-rays that the doctors of the Yankees from New York after his injury in the Big leagues.

Urshela, who suffered a blood pressure yesterday in the game against the Kansas City Royals that alarmed his manager Aaron Boone for being as productive a player as the coffee player in the MLB.

Although at the beginning the franchise of the Yankees thought that the injury from Gio Urshela It could be worse, the results of the studies conducted indicated otherwise and it could be back after tonight’s game against Kansas City in the Big leagues.

Here is the report:

Although the results were negative, Aaron Boone indicated that still Gio Urshela He’s in a bit of pain and he’s in good condition from day to day. For that reason he does not appear in today’s lineup with the Bronx Bombers.

In the current season of Big leagues, the player of the Yankees registers a .273 average, 31 RBIs and nine homers in the MLB.

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