Ginny Hoffman’s opinion on Hector ‘N”s alleged innocence


Ginny Hoffman, who faces a tough legal process against her ex-partner Héctor Parra, who was linked to the process, mentioned that she now needs privacy to be able to continue with the release of evidence and thus end the nightmare for her daughter Alexa.

We no longer intend to fall into any provocation, we no longer intend to clarify anything that the other party says, we are going to withdraw from the media, so I ask you to please respect a little, we need space to assimilate everything that is happening and to dedicate ourselves to the process “

Ginny Hoffman does not blame the work done by Daniela Parra, Héctor’s daughter, for proving her father’s innocence.

Dani has every right to do what she needs and she wants, we obviously have the right to defend what my child went through “

Photo: Cuartocuro

Ginny was accompanied by the lawyer Sergio Ramírez, who argued that if Héctor is linked to the process it is because of the collection of evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office determined so.

The last private expert opinion and of the Prosecutor’s Office, which is corroborated by crimes of the Prosecutor’s Office, determines that these sexual affectations do exist, so much so that the same control judge even with the alleged expert opinion where it determines that there is no affectation, which It is false, it determines that this link to the process must be given because there are sufficient elements to determine the guilt of this individual “

Finally, he commented that if they still insist that Sergio Mayer has some kind of influence in the case or the control judge was persuaded, they would have to complain to the highest authority in CDMX.

I would tell you that the deputy would not be able to handle a situation of this magnitude, it is a totally irresponsible issue. And I tell you as it is, the demonstration they are making of influence peddling is not against a deputy, it is against the head of government, because they are wanting to say that who is being manipulated is the Prosecutor’s Office and the judiciary , ended.

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