Ginny Hoffman’s niece confesses and questions her aunt’s actions

Ginny Hoffman’s niece confesses and questions her aunt’s actions | INSTAGRAM

Just days after Ginny Hoffman inviting abused women and girls to report those responsible, it was his niece Daffne Hoffman who was in charge of confessing that she has also been the target of this situation by the brother of the actress, ensuring that neither her own aunt nor anyone else supported her the moment she raised her voice.

According to the information exposed in the program of Windowing, the young niece said that at the age of nine she was the target of different ab * sos in her family circle, one by her uncle with sexual characteristics and also physical and psychological by her own father David Hoffman, who is the brother of the artist in question.

“The first abuses that I receive are from my own father, those ab * sos are physical, where the blows that he gave me were really exaggerated, and all the family he witnessed that, because it was not something I did when we were alone, that is, he was a person who violated me no matter who was watching, “said the young woman through video call from Monterrey, a place where she lives very far from her family .

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In addition, he also related what happened with your uncle who was in charge of the sexual abuse that he received in his own family: “I suffered sexual abuse by someone who was part of someone in my family, when I was a child, it was the most traumatic moment, yes, It is something that has marked me, it was only once of an uncle who went to visit us at the house and then I suffered sexual abuse even when I was a minor, but already being in Mexico City, but it was no longer by part from someone in my family. My family knew, my dad knew, no one ever defended me ”.

In addition, the young woman also decided to comment on the spectacle that this generates and how her aunt is acting against her ex-husband Hector Parra, expressing the following: “There is a lot of incongruity in the way in which all this related to my cousin is being handled and yes, when I saw that interview with my cousin, and she says’ raise your voice ‘, the one that has seen so many girls seen in the Prosecutor’s Office and that has broken her heart and that we have to stop is … I say’ how is it possible that this is happening! When there is no congruence, if I myself was that person that at some point I needed them ”.

(Minute 29 of the following video)

Of course she, having a position in a foundation that deals with this type of complaints, made it evident that there are some very important points to take into account: “I can tell you that the way this is being handled is re-victimizing Alexa, that is, she is making a victim on her mother’s side or on her father’s side, but we’re forgetting that the ways she’s being done, especially the one they’re supposed to be protecting her, which is my Aunt Ginny, don’t add up to me It is not coherent, it is not the way a mother really comes out to defend her daughter when she has been abused by something like that ”.

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When referring to the current situation of the complaint, it is questioned why they had not denounced Héctor, to which the answer was that “the girl was not prepared”, so she asks who is prepared for a situation like this? Who is prepared for her own father to sexually abuse her “, in addition to the fact that if her daughter made these comments with all the confidence they should be taken into account as a mother’s obligation and raise the complaint, in addition to providing the necessary psychological support, ensuring that in her case she would seek justice just as the situation occurs.

Of course, the young woman questions the actions of her aunt and her cousin having done this until now and above all doing it before the media and not before the authorities.

Of course her cousin was not ready to go public in a magazine and she never would be, so they should have looked for another solution like going to the authorities ah professional help all very discreet.

They were probably thinking of giving it a boost in the media to give it more credibility, perhaps out of fear that they would not be believed. In short, we will have to wait to see what this issue leads to, which does not stop giving people talk.

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