Ginés González García resigned and will be replaced by Carla Vizzotti

Alberto Fernandez He asked the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, to resign this Friday , after the scandal unleashed by the vaccination of the journalist Horacio Verbitsky . He will be replaced by the hitherto deputy minister of the area, Carla Vizzotti, who will take office on Saturday afternoon.

Verbitsky assured this morning in the program There will be Consequences of the radio The uncovering , in which he had a column, that he personally communicated with González García and that he offered to find out about the coronavirus vaccine.

« I decided to get vaccinated. I started to figure out where to do it. I called my old friend Ginés González García , whom I have known long before he was a minister, « said the journalist from The Rocket to the Moon , who added that then the minister told him to go get vaccinated at the Posadas hospital .

However, Verbitsky immediately stated: « When I was about to go to the Posadas hospital received a message from the secretary of Ginés who told me that a team of vaccinators from Posadas was coming to the ministry and to go to the ministry to give me the vaccine « .

The journalist’s public statement generated a huge rejection in the general public sphere and ended up leading to the González García’s resignation from the ministry , which was requested by the President through his Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero .

The official resignation of Ginés and his replacement by Carla Vizzotti

In the evening, the official letter of resignation from the minister , in which accepted his responsibility for irregular vaccinations but he blamed the « mistake » on his « private secretary » , while arguing that when the events occurred he They are traveling in Entre Ríos so what as inoculated people belong to risk groups contemplated in the current vaccination plan.

González García will be replaced by Carla Vizzotti Until now secretary of Access to Health and virtual vice minister of the health.

Ginés blamed his secretary

Vizzotti, who spent his entire career in the public sphere with Ginés as political godfather, had an outstanding management at the forefront of the pandemic, particularly in the daily communication of the health situation and in the trip he made to Russia to negotiate the shipment of vaccines Sputnik V.

She will be officially appointed on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. in a ceremony at the Quinta de Olivos.

Ginés’ career

The now former minister had returned to the management of the Health area with the inauguration of Alberto Fernández, on December 10, 2019 . His management had received criticism during the last year for the management in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, so for months there were rumors about his possible displacement from the ministry , as part of a Cabinet oxygenation plan. However, Verbitsky’s assertions eventually precipitated his resignation in a surprising way.

Ginés ends his
third management in front of the health area
. He was previously Minister of Health during the presidency of
Eduardo Duhalde
, between 2002 and 2003, and continued in the same position throughout the government of
Nestor Kirchner
, until December 2007.

In addition, he was Argentine Ambassador to Chile between 2007 and 2015 and had been Buenos Aires Minister of Health between 1987 and 1991, during the government of
Antonio Cafiero

The « VIP Vaccination » of the Ministry of Health

Verbitsky’s public statement appears the existence of preferential vaccinations within the same Ministry of Health for personal friends and people close to Ginés.

Verbitsky himself said that he would also be vaccinated in the same place, and preferentially, Jose Aranda, number two of Grupo Clarín. Although later Ginés González García He denied it in statements to the same newspaper Clarín and Aranda himself denied the versions, stating that he would follow the same path as the rest of the citizens to obtain a turn when it was his due.

Other names that were part of the « VIP vaccination » of the ministry were the senator Jorge Taiana and the deputy Eduardo Valdes, because they were part of the delegation that will travel to Mexico next Sunday with the President.

In fact, Valdés himself later confirmed, in radio statements, that He asked Ginés if he could get vaccinated to travel, and that later it was the same minister who called him to tell him to go to the Ministry of Health to receive the dose. « I never thought I was doing something illegal »Valdés said in this regard, and regretted being « responsible for Garcia’s stability in the Government. »

In the wake of the scandal, the Casa Rosada He decided to remove Valdés and Taiana from the delegation that will go to Mexico.

The chancellor was also appointed, Felipe Solá, among the « vaccinated VIP », but then he himself clarified that received the dose at the Posadas Hospital after requesting an appointment and follow the corresponding procedures.

According to the newspaper La Nación, also Hugo moyano, leader of Truckers and president of Independiente, was part of the VIP vaccinations, as was his wife Liliana Zulet and his youngest son Jerome.

It should be noted that the Government evaluated, during the last month, the possibility of vaccinate celebrities as part of an awareness campaign. Nevertheless, this never got going , and in any case it would have been given publicly and transparently. On the contrary, the vaccinations of these personalities happened in a hidden way and without respecting the established protocols.