This noon, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García, he entered the Otamendi Sanatorium after suffering a distal paresthesia of the left upper limb while he was at home. In the afternoon, the official explained: “I am very well but I did what I had to do. I had a symptom and I came here, who have known me for many years, it is the sanatorium of the social work to which I belong ”.

Given the concern for his health and the rumor that his hospitalization could be related to COVID-19, from the environment of the minister flatly denied this version. González García himself confirmed that the corresponding test will not be carried out: “I’m not going to do the swab, it doesn’t make sense. I have no symptoms, no indication to do the swabbing, it would be absolutely unnecessary in this case, it would be only for the media. Now they are waiting for me to do my studies. ”

“I had to come because I had to do a check-up of a surgery that I had done a year ago. I took advantage of having this symptom to call and they are investigating me. My left hand fell asleep. The tomography gave an old subdural hematoma. I am phenomenon, wanting to return to work, I hope that tomorrow I will be sitting in my chair“Added the 74-year-old official, in dialogue with Channel 13.

“I did not ask if they are going to operate on me, they said no, it is not urgent. I have to do all the studies and continue to be careful, like all sick people. Tomorrow morning I am leaving, as they told me. I have been coming here for 30 years, there is my medical history, my social work, I know all the doctors, “said González García, who he had no fever or respiratory problems.

Initially, doctors did studies to determine if he had suffered a gastrointestinal problem, but after a computed tomography, they diagnosed him with a subdural hematoma. In a statement, the National Ministry of Health reported that González García “He entered the Otamendi Sanatorium this morning by his own means, in good health, to carry out a series of studies and controls, starting with a distal paresthesia of the upper left limb.”

In the clinic, all the corresponding studies were performed: cardiological, neurological and trauma, in order to interpret the origin of this condition.

As you could know InfobaeThose who attend the minister suspect that This bruise may have been caused by a blow to the head after a fall. Along those lines, doctors are trying to determine if that possible fall was somehow a consequence of a small stroke.

Initially, doctors sought to rule out that the problem was gastrointestinal because more than ten years ago, the minister put on a gastric belt to try to control his weight. After the operation in 2006, González García, who also suffers from hypertension, spoke to Radio Miter and told details of that intervention: “They did it to me on medical indications and the truth is that it did not work. It is a fight that I have had for many years and now I am trying with a more natural thing: eating less and exercising. ”

Recently, in an interview with the journalist Ernesto Tenembaum in Radio With You, He said that he changed some personal habits to take special care of the disease. Due to his age and overweight, he is one of the risk groups for COVID. “I have increased risk, but all my life I have dedicated myself to this and it is an honor to be in a place like this right now. I take care of the distance and go from home to work and back home. We get together a lot by teleconference and in the ministry there are only 8% or 9% of the staff, with a distance of five meters, ”he said.

Over the weekend, the official was at the Fifth Presidential in Olivos to define together with the President and the governors the characteristics of the quarantine stage that began on Monday, May 25 and included new restrictions in the Metropolitan Area. His last public activity was on Tuesday, together with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero. They presented Tele-Covid, a medical consultation system launched by the national government.