Solidity, seriousness and passion for tennis. Those are three of the conditions that it shows Gilles Simon in each of its seasons. Placed in the noble zone of the ATP ranking, the Frenchman has always been known for being a tennis player in saying things quite clearly and now it was not going to be less. The Frenchman sees it very unlikely that Roland Garros and the US Open will play almost at the same time, seeing how the world is doing because of the coronavirus. Simon thinks that a major tournament should be played every month and a half.

-The Frenchman believes that the French Tennis Federation acted by changing Roland Garros of dates to save the tournament:

“There was a lot of criticism about the postponement of Roland Garros due to the fact that they did not speak with the tennis players or with some organizations. I understand what they did, the truth, since the most important thing was to save the tournament anyway. The US Open will try save otherwise, but you will see. The French Tennis Federation changed the dates of Roland Garros to save the tournament and the work of many people. Not all tournaments have pandemic insurance as is the case of Wimbledon, “he said in statements collected by Tennis Actu.

-Gilles Simon believes that tennis has had time in this period of pause to unify criteria on issues of Grand Slams:

“In this period of pause without tennis, tennis could have been brought together in order to unify terms in certain tournaments. An example of this is what happens in the fifth set of the Grand Slams. In the Open of Australia there is a super-tiebreak when the score goes 6-6 in the fifth set, while in Wimbledon the tiebreak occurs when the score is 12-12. It is totally stupid. Tennis today works well, but I think there is Some things that would have to be changed. For the situation to improve, all organizations must work together for the common good. “

-He does not see it possible for Roland Garros and US Open to be played in such a short time:

“It is difficult for both tournaments to take place almost at the same time. When you travel to some places in the world, you are asked to be quarantined for 14 days in a hotel room and then tennis players need two weeks of training to get used to a new surface That would mean that one tournament should be played every month and a half. It is almost impossible for the difference between playing the US Open and Roland Garros to be three weeks. How are the tennis players going to play both tournaments? I think the USTA it will look for the best players and some Americans to play their tournaments and Roland Garros will do the same for their interests. If this happens, the ATP will have to sanction some tournament and not award points. It will be interesting to see which tournaments some of the best players will choose. of the circuit. “