Gilbert Burns, to Leon Edwards: “I’m going to send you to the ICU”

In the last days Gilbert Burns and Leon Edwards have exchanged some unfriendly statements in relation to the UFC welterweight world championship. Dana White anticipated prior to “Rocky’s” victory against Nate Diaz that the winner of said fight would be the next title contender after Colby Covington.

Gilbert Burns threatens Leon Edwards

But “Durinho” thinks that the president is going to change his mind due to Edwards’ performance in it: “Leon Edwards missed the chance because he didn’t get a completion”. To these words of the Brazilian, the American answered mocking his defeat against the champion, Kamaru Usman: “You were knocked out with a jab”.

Now Gilbert Burns threatens Leon Edwards on what would happen if they clashed (via Twitter):

Nate almost knocked you out! When I put my hands on you, you gon ‘wake up in ICU (Intensive care unit)”.

It would be interesting to put together a Burns vs. Edwards and It wouldn’t be crazy for the UFC to take this path depending on how long it takes Usman and Covington to fight again. Because right now there is no scheduled date. A good option to determine the next challenger to the championship, although obviously “Rocky” would not be happy at all.

Leon Edwards - UFCLeon Edwards – UFC

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