Gilbert Burns responds to Dana White’s criticism of UFC 264

Dana White was not overly fond of Gilbert Burns ‘performance in his win over Stephen Thompson at UFC 264:’ He won. What else can be said about the fight. It wasn’t a good fight, but he won«.

Now, speaking to What the Heck, the native Brazilian fighter replies to the UFC president: “I caught myself asking for forgiveness. I do not mind. I was very nervous because I did not want another defeat.


He continues to recall that other fighters who did not perform well are receiving great opportunities: “After Francis Ngannou lost his title opportunity, who was his first fight? How was that fight? Who won that fight? Derrick Lewis. And he said the same about Ciryl Gane a couple weeks ago. ‘I don’t like his performance.’ And now he’s fighting for the interim title«.

Dana is an emotional guy, that’s for sure. He wants my fight to be a success. He wants the Conor McGregor fight to be a success, and I understand that. As a promoter, that’s what you have to do. I understand her opinion, but I don’t trust her. And it won’t decide what to do next«. This is how Gilbert Burns concludes his response to Dana White.


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