Gignac or Rogelio Funes Mori ?; José Saturnino Cardozo chooses his favorite

The legend of Toluca, Jose Saturnino Cardozo confessed that he feels identified with André Pierre Gignac Tigres forward, however, confesses that if he had a team in Liga MX, he would also consider Rogelio Funes Mori, but if he had to choose only one it would be the French.

“I like to play with two ‘9’, I ask both of them. If you have to choose one, I would choose Gignac because of his mobility from three quarters upwards, he is a player who has everything that a striker may have, he moves to the right, to the left, who goes out to look for the ball, generates spaces, generates plays, invents plays in his favor, he is a player that I like a lot, Funes Mori is more of an area ”,

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Funes mori reached 121 goals and Gignac He has 148 on his account, but above all, what makes Cardozo lean towards Tigres is his way of moving on the court.

“I would identify with Gignac, when I played I also liked to shoot through the left sector, many people will say that it was more from the area, but I liked to shoot through the left and there I cut diagonally or looked for a center that Víctor Ruiz or Fabián Estay put in, although the other (Funes Mori) I also like a lot, “he said.

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