“Giggs kicked his wife and threw her naked out of the room”

Ryan giggs He has come this Friday to testify to the Manchester Crown Court, the courts of the English city, after being accused of aggression and coercive behavior towards his ex-partner, Kate Greville, 36, and assault on her younger sister, Emma Greville . Giggs has pleaded not guilty to both charges and will go to trial in Manchester court on January 24, 2022, as noted by the ‘Daily Mail’.

“Giggs is a sex addict”

The former international player has denied the facts before the Court, which had in its possession wiretaps with content compatible with the fact that Giggs would have kicked his wife in the back and threw her naked out of the room at the Stafford Hotel in London. In addition, Kate Greville has also accused him of coercive behavior for controlling her through social networks, threatening her through emails, throwing her belongings and harassing her on the street.

He has also denied the assault charges on Emma Greville, his ex-partner’s younger sister, who reported him on November 1 of last year for beating her at her home in Worsley Greater. It is the second time that Ryan Giggs has pleaded not guilty, after he was released on bail last April, with an order not to be able to communicate with Kate or Emma or go to any location where they are.

The future of the former footballer will be decided on January 24, 2022, the day on which he will go to trial in the criminal process at Manchester Crown Court. Before, on October 8 and in the same court, a third hearing will take place.

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