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Gigasetpresents a set of end-user devices that fit perfectly: the DL780 desk phone and the DL780H terminal. This tandem, made up of a fixed-location corded telephone and a flexible terminal, guarantees maximum freedom of movement throughout the home.

The two models that make up the Gigaset DL780 Plus (the DL780 desk phone and the DL780H phone) stand out for their first-class volume and sound quality. The speaker volume of both terminals can be adjusted to the desired level, to which is added the additional amplification function offered by the desk phone. These features allow users to turn up the volume to an extra level to hear calls clearly, which is perfect for the elderly or hard of hearing.

In addition, they have other audio functionalities that are very practical not only for the elderly, but for the whole family. The desk phone ringtone volume can be individually adjusted to seven levels, while the recipient’s volume can even be set to eight. For its part, the volume of the DL780 ringtone can be adjusted in five levels. Both elements of the Gigaset DL780 Plus are hearing aid compatible.

Gigaset DL780 Plus.Other features

Germany has once again seen an increase in toll fraud, a situation in which older people are often victims. To prevent these scams, as well as unwanted calls that can be quite annoying, the Gigaset DL790 Plus incorporates a call protection function, designed to block up to 32 numbers. This option offers relief for users as it avoids receiving unwanted calls.

This set of devices incorporates a shared phonebook to a synchronized list of received and missed calls for both devices. They also have a synchronized call protection feature.

“It feels like you are using a single phone with two receivers. That is why it seemed especially important to us to synchronize the terminal and the desk phone, “he says. Thomas Prößdorf, Product Manager at Gigaset. “After all, the convenience is not just limited to being able to adjust the volume of the terminals or the one-touch functionality.”

The Gigaset DL780 Plus consists of the plug & play function allows users to unpack the devices, connect them, and start their phone calls right away. In addition, its ease of installation is ideal for practical people seeking a hassle-free life.

With its attractive appearance, modern classic black design and silver keys, enjoy large, high-contrast, white-on-black, well-lit displays. The DL780 desktop display measures 78 x 46mm and always shows the date and time in idle mode. Missed calls also appear on the screen in this mode. Also, the duration of the call can be seen on the display of both devices while making a call, so users always have the time in view, even if they have a conversation for a long time. Additionally, an LED on the front of both devices blinks to indicate incoming calls.

For its part, the screen of the other phone has a size of 34 x 37 mm and its contrast can be adjusted to the needs of each user. Navigation in the main menu is very simple and intuitive thanks to the large icons. You can also activate the Jumbo mode so that the numbers and letters are displayed in an oversized format on the phone screen. Incoming calls are identified by the flashing green button on the phone.

Both devices have speed dial keys programmable with important numbers that need to be called quickly in an emergency or at any time of the day. The DL780 includes two speed dial keys, while the desk phone has four. The two DL780 Plus devices share a phone book that can store up to 99 entries.

Radiation-free ECO DECT system

Thanks to the proven ECO DECT technology of Gigaset’s environmentally friendly landlines and cordless phones, the power consumption of devices with these characteristics is reduced by 60 percent. The transmission power also decreases automatically depending on the distance between the phone and the base station to the level necessary to ensure a stable connection between these devices. The terminal of the Gigaset DL780 Plus is even completely radiation-free in standby mode.

The new Gigaset DL780 Plus goes on sale for 99.99 euros.

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