A group of youths tried to return it to the water but it turned out to be too heavy for them to move.

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Johannesburg.- During a walk on the beach, a woman from South Africa came across a heartbreaking scene, a squid of great dimensions was aground on the sand and with dying aspect.

When she saw him there on . of death, the woman’s first impulse was to try to return him to the water, so she asked more people for help to save him, but they could not move him because he was very heavy.

This incredible find was made on June 7. The massive sea creature was 4.19 meters long and according to specialized press reports, the specimen was not an adult.

« It was still pumping ink and I got to touch one of its tentacles that sucked my hand; I had to use some force to get rid of it »

After the animal died, its body was lifted by a group of biologists seeking to study it to learn more about its species. This group of people is known to have belonged to the Iziko Museums.

This type of squid lives between 300 and 1000 meters deep and it is known that they can grow up to 20 meters in length.

According to experts, this specimen found on the South African coast could have been between 3 and 4 years old.

It should be noted that for biologists the why and how this animal reached the beach is a total mystery. It is hoped that during his investigations he will be able to shed light on the cause of his death.

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