Leaders have spoken and deserve to be heard. Milwaukee Bucks He started as the ring’s top favorite in a season that will never be remembered for sporting purposes but for the coronavirus pandemic that has changed everything and that can seriously jeopardize the end of the season. Giannis Antetokounmpo He showed a constructive attitude in his speech, although he acknowledged that he missed playing basketball a lot. He was seconded by Kris Middleton and a Eric bledsoe that brought the touch of humor to the chat, collected by ESPN. The NBA has put the brakes on, but its stars are looking forward to getting their rhythm back.

“I do not have a basketball court at home, that is a disadvantage for me because I can only do physical activities. There are many colleagues who have a hoop, but I never considered it because when I was at home I was looking to disconnect. I am doing exercise bike, with the treadmill, I lift weights … “he said Giannis Antetokounmpo. I try to maintain a good physical condition for when we return to the competition. It is nice to spend this time with the family, but we are not used to being standing that long. We need to get basketball back, we miss him a lot and I especially miss everything that comes with it, “said the Greek.

For his part, Khris Middleton He was very much in line with what his partner said. “The team has provided us with a catering service to prevent us from leaving the house and putting ourselves at risk. They told us that we should try to follow the guidelines of physical exercises set so as not to lose shape. I would like to have a basket to launch, but I have to settle for doing some driblings and boats in the outfield with a ball. Really, I’m going to consider setting up a basket at home after this, “the Bucks guard said, before giving way to Eric bledsoe, which stressed the importance of maintaining a routine.

“I get up early, before 9, to take care of everyday things that I have never done before. I have gone shopping and cooked. I never did it and the most surprising thing is that my daughter ate what I prepared. It is important to sleep well and maintain order in our lives so as not to lose shape or competitive tension, “said the base of the Milwauckee Bucks. The team remains focused to try to return in top form if the competition resumes and to confirm their favoritism to the ring of the NBA 2019/2020.