Who is free from sin to cast the first stone. With this biblical expression can be explained the unsolvable tendency of the human being to make mistakes, even of blameless professionals full of experience as Giannis Antetokounmpo. It is not common to see the Greek lose his papers on a basketball court, but much less that this happens in a totally inconsequential game for his team and after a fortuitous action with a young player who is not consolidated in the NBA, as it is Moritz wagner. Aleman and Helleno collided in game action, and « The Greak Freak » thrashed about with an irrepressible fury that ultimately got him kicked out.

08/12/2020 10:08

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« It has been a regrettable action on my part, I wish I could go back because I was wrong. We are all human and can make mistakes, there is no choice but to move on. Throughout my career I have shown good behavior so I must learn from this and continue to focus on basketball, « he acknowledged in words collected by ESPN after the game. « I have nothing against Moritz, it was not his question. My mind was simply exhausted from seeing how in each game I face guys who beat me non-stop, I lost my nerves for a few seconds », recognized a Giannis who could face to a penalty.

That’s what he asked sourly Scott brooks, which he considers unacceptable for a player of his level to do something like that. « I have a lot of respect for him, but what he has done is regrettable. Luckily for him and his team this is not a playoff game, because I think the NBA should take action on the matter and sanction him with a couple of games without playing. « exclaimed the Washington Wizards coach. For its part, Mike budenholzer He tried to reduce the drama and supported his player. « Today was just a slip, he is a true MVP. After what happened he will learn how important it is to remain calm and move on, people will not change their opinion about him, » said the coach of the Milwaukee bucks.