Gianinna Maradona confirmed that her son Benjamin Agüero has COVID-19: “I love you covidero”

Gianinna Maradona and Benjamín Agüero Gianinna Maradona and Benjamín Agüero

“After isolating myself by close contact, a last test they did gave me positive for COVID 19. I had some symptoms and I follow the doctors’ instructions to recover. To continue taking care of yourself, ”he reported Sergio el Kun Agüero from his Twitter account. Immediately, the alert was placed on Benjamin, the footballer’s son and Gianinna Maradona, who is in England spending a few days with his father.


After doing a test, the eleven-year-old boy tested positive and it was the journalist Luis Ventura who confirmed the news, until the youngest of Claudia Villafañe’s daughters, referred to her son through Instagram: “Come on Benchuline of my life, life consists of never giving up! I love you and I miss you covidero”.

The story, in which he confirms the painting of his son, had been made about a capture of the reopened Instagram of the child: “After so much anger and whores, the ‘Kun Agüero papa’ arrived to stop the anger of the sheep with the closed IG previously”. Neither she nor the footballer gave details about how Benja, who will be 12 years old on February 19, transits his coronavirus picture.


Sofia Calzetti, Agüero’s girlfriend, was also infected: “Hello, I am with COVID-19 but super grateful to be having a good time, I have almost no symptoms, they are very mild. What you can see is that the virus is full. Take care of everyone”.

The Kun and his family had been isolated for several days. Even he was going to start the match against Birmingham for the FA Cup on 10 January, but had to be separated from the campus hours before after learning that he had maintained a close link with a positive case.

Benjamin with his grandfather, Diego Maradona Benjamin with his grandfather, Diego Maradona

Gianinna used her social networks again today, but not to refer to her son, but to greet her mother, Claudia, on her birthdays: “Happy life to the one who gave me mine. I love you, I admire you, I thank you, I forgive you and I celebrate you. My lighthouse, my support, my airport, the mother of my friends, the TATA of Benja’s, the one that resists archive. The one that keeps challenging me even though it’s a thousand years old. Organizer for others. Genuine bordering on the boluda. So correct, loyal and respectful that it hurts ”.

“I can’t even reach your heels but Benja is my true reflection of what I inherited from you. Thank you for my sister, for loving with every cell of your being having made you our mother, for being firm in the good times but more in the bad times, for the braid cooked before giving birth, for letting me teach you that there are more alternatives. Thank you for the great grandmother that you are. For spoiling him even though you know that for several days I did not speak to you. Thanks for covering me, thanks for Parías, for trips to Madrid, Manchester, Dubai so Ben can see his dad, and I can see mine. For that boat trip the five of us, ”he continued.

Finally, with a photo of both, he closed: “Thank you for teaching me that love is always stronger, and for teaching me by your example a thousand times that having the ability to forgive does not make you less or more, it makes you move forward. And thank you once again for running for us until the last day. Happy return to the sun at one undisputed. The best grandmother I could give my son. Thanks for our family. Happy birthday Jabru ”.