Giancarlo Stanton debuted with the Yankees in 2021

The gardener of the Yankees from New York, Giancarlo stanton hit a bases loaded homer on the MLB.

Through the first game of the series between the Yankees New York and the Baltimore Orioles, Giancarlo stanton hit what was his first hit of the season and epic to Shawn Armstrong’s shipments in the MLb 2021.

With this home run the Yankees they took the lead six runs to zero against the Orioles. This home run ran a distance of 470 feet.

Here the video:

Now Stanton is leading the New York Yankees in RBIs with only one swing, even though he only played the first three games of the season and the fourth he took as a simple break according to the manager of that organization, Aaron Boone.

It should be noted that already ordering so much has shown that he can achieve great things in the 2021 season, since he has remained healthy without any discomfort since the Spring Training began.

The personal trainer of Giancarlo stanton and Aaron Judge said that his clients kept doing yoga exercises to improve their physical health, everything indicates that this effort will pay off in both tolerators of the Yankees in the big leagues 2021.