‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’: everything we know

In 1989, the director Ivan Reitman said goodbye to one of the most emblematic sagas of the 80s: that year he released ‘Ghostbusters II’, the second part of the 1984 film. Afterwards, Reitman has continued his career a few more titles as a director, and many more as producer. Your son, Jason Reitman, He has followed in Dad’s footsteps and now has titles such as ‘Juno’, ‘Up in the air’, ‘Tully’ or ‘The candidate’ among his filmography. And soon it will add a nostalgic title. In January it became clear that this filmmaker was following his father’s legacy and that he had been secretly preparing a sequel to ‘Ghostbusters’.

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This news caught us all by surprise … Or did it? At the end of the day, remakes, continuations and returns to titles from the 80s and 90s are becoming quite common these days. In fact, the saga already has a reboot, directed by Paul feig. However, it was not very well accepted and did not make a buoyant number at the box office. It seems that the public, as usual, loves the originals and the stories of their childhood. Nostalgia likes it, what can you do?

The new installment has been known at first with this name: ‘Ghostbusters 2020. To be clear that it is a continuation but in the present. Then we got the official title of the film, which will be ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ – in Spain it has been titled as ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’. Also, this might not be the last installment in the franchise. Dan Aykroyd He has claimed that he has a plot for a prequel; in it he would tell how Venkman, Egon and Ray met. It is not known if it will finally see the light in film or television. We will be pending. Meanwhile, let’s go to the story that concerns us now. What do we know about ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond?’

‘Ghostbusters Beyond’: Release Date

Sony had placed the return of the Ghostbusters in the summer of next year, specifically the arrival in theaters was scheduled for July 2020. Then he checked On August 21, and now we will have to wait until 2021 to meet the new Ghostbusters, because with the health crisis the studio has delayed the premiere. First was the March 5, 2021, and then Sony passed it on to June 11, 2021. Now the company has announced a new release date in our country: December 3, 2021.


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‘Ghostbusters Beyond’: Synopsis

The filmmaker takes up the story left by Reitman Sr., therefore the new installment will be a continuation of the 1989 one, skipping the reboot starring Kate mckinnon, Leslie jones, Kristen Wiig Y Melissa mccarthy . “I have a lot of respect for what Paul created with these brilliant actresses, and I would love to see more stories from them. However, this new film will follow the trajectory of the original film,” declared the filmmaker.

From what Aykroyd said in an interview, the new movie could be scary. Although we do not know to what extent it will be horror or not. Also the actor has said that the connection between the new and previous film is surprising. Something that has become clear after learning that the story will revolve around a mother with two children who returns to the family farm, which belonged, to a Ghostbusters. That is, what we have here is the grandchildren of one of the original members.

As the first one says synopsis unofficial that has been leaked, the story will focus on “a family that moves to a small town, where they will discover more about themselves and the secrets of that place.” It will be in this farm of Oklahoma, an unprecedented scenario in the franchise, since Manhattan had been the territory of the Ghostbusters, where these two brothers will find the mythical car Ecto-1 (as the official poster shows), as well as other reminiscences of his grandfather’s past, which will lead them directly to face the ghosts and learn more about the former first team, as well as to fulfill a new mission.

ghostbusters logo ghostbusters

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Ghostbusters: Beyond: Who makes up the new team?

According to the first sources that have come out, the film will feature two boys and two teenage girls. These are the first descriptions that came to us from the protagonists:

– Male protagonist 1): 13-year-old boy. A conspiracy theorist with a keen interest in fantasy.

– Female protagonist 1): 12-year-old girl. A science girl who has trouble relating to others on an emotional level, and has difficulty understanding feelings and is unaware of how painful her comments can be at times.

– Male protagonist 2): 12-year-old boy. Slender, pale, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, aquiline features, high, withdrawn cheekbones. He is prodigious, brilliant, resourceful, stubborn and remains playful despite difficulties. He is also a brilliant thinker under pressure, comfortable with technology, and has a knack for problem solving.

– Female protagonist 2): 13-year-old girl. Fun loving, a bit of an airhead. Always curious, delighted and stunned.

Four young people. Same concept as the original tape. What’s more, we can venture that they have a great resemblance to the original protagonists: the first with the character of Ray (Dan Aykroyd), or the first girl with Egon (Harold ramis). And does the personality of the last one not reminiscent of Venkan’s (Bill murray)?

‘Ghostbusters. Beyond ‘: Cast

We will practically see the whole team reunited again, except for the deceased Harold ramis and the retired Rick moranis. Reitman revealed that the cast original – Bill murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie hudson Y Sigourney Weaver – they had read the new script and liked it. It was Sigourney weaver the first to confirm that she would be in this new installment, returning to the fray as Dana Barret. Then it was the turn of Dan Aykroyd, returning as Raymond Stantz, and Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts they also confirmed their presence. And it was the last name to confirm, and the most anticipated, but yes, Bill Murray he’s also going to be like Peter Venkman. Instead, although it was rumored that Rick moranis he would go back to being Louis Tully once more, finally the actor confirmed that it would not be like that.

Premiere of Ghostbusters

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About the new faces, we already know who will give life to the four new Ghostbusters. The ‘Stranger Things’ actor, Finn wolfhard leads the cast alongside Mckenna grace (‘Captain Marvel’). Both will be the two brothers – Trevor and Phoebe respectively – who arrive at that new and mysterious farm. They will do it with their mother, played by Carrie Coon (‘The Leftlovers’). The other two young men who will join the team will be played by Celeste O’Connor and Logan Kim.

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It also adds Paul rudd, which warned him through social networks. The actor known for his Marvel role will play a teacher who comes to town because mysterious earthquakes have been happening. And it’s the key to the connection, for as a child he was in New York during the “Manhattan Crossrip,” the 1984 event when the giant marshmallow man wreaked havoc in Manhattan during the first Ghostbusters movie. It will be quite a funny character, from what Ivan Reitman assured.

Other cast members will be Bookeem woodbine, who will play Sheriff Domingo, and Oliver Cooper, whose role has yet to be revealed.

‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’: Trailer

The project was hardly known … And there was already a teaser trailer! The director shared it on his Twitter account shortly after the news.

“I found the car,” it said, referring to the Ecto-1. We will have to wait to see the relationship of the famous car with the new plot.

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Then came the news of the trailer, which you can see in the header of this same news. The first preview provided details of the relationship between the predecessors and the new one, something that has been expanded in the trailer published in July.

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‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’: Images

The first to arrive was a teaser poster for the Reitman movie where the Ecto-1 was the protagonist. The message was clear: “You know who you are going to call”:

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We were also able to take a look at the new family. This photo reunites the family in front of the camera with the one behind:

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Then came the first official poster, where, again, the car returned to focus attention, although this time it was surrounded by the rugged landscape that will be the protagonist in this new installment:

poster ghostbusters beyond


And when filming started in Canada last summer, the first images of the film began to arrive:

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'ghostbusters beyond' paul rudd and carrie coon in a scene from the film

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