BEIRUT (AP) – Former Nissan Motor Co. President Carlos Ghosn stated that he is helping people who helped him flee Japan to Lebanon last year, but declines to give details of his escape, claiming that it would endanger that. such people.

In an interview Saturday night with Al-Arabiya TV, Ghosn declined to comment on claims by U.S. prosecutors that he sent more than 860,000 to a company linked to one of the men who helped him escape Japan in a container in December.

Michael Taylor, a 59-year-old former green beret and private security contractor, and Peter Taylor, 27, are being sought by Japan on charges that they helped Ghosn escape in December, when he was released on bail awaiting trial there. .

Ghosn was arrested in November 2018 and was due to be prosecuted in Japan in November 2020. He posted two bonds of 1.5 billion yen ($ 14 million) each after he was arrested a second time on other charges, and left again in freedom.

When Ghosn was asked about the Taylores, who are imprisoned in the United States, Ghosn declined to comment. He recalled that when he arrived in Lebanon, he promised not to talk about how he escaped from Japan « because any statement I give will endanger the individuals who helped me get out of Japan. »