Getafe-Elche: Summary and result of the match – Round 4 – LaLiga Santander 2021/2022

Betis achieved their first win of the season on Monday by winning 1-2 at the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes against Granada, which still has not known victory this year.

A goal by Rodri Sánchez put Betis ahead in the last action of a first half in which the visitors were much superior, Colombian Luis Suárez tied in a more balanced second act, but in the 89th minute a goal from Sergio Canales gave the three points to the visitors

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90 ‘+ 4’ (1-2) FINAAAAAAAAAAAL! Canales gives Betis the first victory of the season with a goal when the game was dying. Hard blow for a Granada that struggled to stay in the game.

90 ‘+ 1’ (1-2) Yellow for Gonalons for a hard foul on Joaquín.

90 ‘(1-2) Three minutes to go!

89 ‘(1-2) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF CHANNELS GOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Great driving by the midfielder and a very precise cross shot that once again put the Verdiblancos ahead.

84 ‘(1-1) Double change in the Stand: Suárez and Monchu leave, Molina and Eteki enter.

83 ‘(1-1) Joaquín’s shot that Maximiano catches without problems.

80 ‘(1-1) Bacca’s heeled shot that Rui Silva catches in two halves!

77 ‘(1-1) Arias center that ends in a corner.

73 ‘(1-1) Change at Betis: Rodri leaves and Joaquín enters, applauded by the Nuevo Los Cármenes.

71 ‘(1-1) The goal against Granada has sat very well, which has managed to balance the balance in the game and not be overcome.

66 ‘(1-1) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF GRANADAAAA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF SUÁREEEEZ. Race down the left, cut inwards and violent shoe that surpasses Rui Silva.

64 ‘(0-1) Changes in both teams: Fekir and Carvalho leave Betis to enter Canales and Camarasa. Rochina enters the Granada through Machis.

59 ‘(0-1) Double change in Granada: Soro and Germán leave, Bacca and Abram enter.

56 ‘(0-1) UUUFFFFF! Fekir’s shot from the edge that Maximiano deflects to a corner.

53 ‘(0-1) Granada is still unable to find Rui Silva’s goal.

49 ‘(0-1) WOW! Tello’s shot that Maximiano touches and Arias clears under sticks.

47 ‘(0-1) Dangerous center of Monchu that Machis does not manage to control.

46 ‘(0-1) START THE SECOND PART! In Granada there are no changes. Willain José enters Betis for Borja Iglesias.

45 ‘+ 2’ (0-1) BREAK! Betis leaves with an advantage thanks to Rodri’s goal in the last minute of the addition. The Verdiblancos have been better than Granada.

45 ‘+ 2’ (0-1) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF BETIS GOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZO DE RODRI. Against the green-and-white driving down the right lane, he cuts inside and surpasses Maximiano with a great cross shot.

45 ‘(0-0) Two minutes to go!

43 ‘(0-0) UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUY! Monchu’s great center and Montoro’s shot that goes out.

42 ‘(0-0) Suárez shot that goes high! The Colombian had outlined well, but hit the ball in an area where the grass was raised.

39 ‘(0-0) Betis continues to dominate, but the pace has dropped.

35 ‘(0-0) Maximiano saves a shot from Tello in the small area!

34 ‘(0-0) THE BETIS HAS HAD IT! Fekir shot that goes to the stick. Rodri is about to shoot, but the defense is attentive and the ball ends up in a corner after a carom.

31 ‘(0-0) Fekir’s dispatch to the area cleared by Gonalons.

27 ‘(0-0) Machis shot that touches a defender and ends in a corner!

23 ‘(0-0) Yellow for Fekir for a stomp on Monchu.

21 ‘(0-0) Betis far superior to Granada so far.

17 ‘(0-0) Bellerín center and Iglesias auction that goes out!

15 ‘(0-0) Yellow for Iglesias for a hit on Domingos in a scuffle.

14 ‘(0-0) Change at Betis: Bartra leaves injured and Pezzella enters.

13 ‘(0-0) WHAT A MAXIMIAN MISTAKE! The Granada goalkeeper falls asleep and allows Tello to take the ball from him and be close to scoring, but the shot goes to the side of the goal.

11 ‘(0-0) Suárez falls after receiving a stomp from Víctor Ruiz! But Cuadra Fernández does not see anything punishable.

9 ‘(0-0) Granada is very uncomfortable with the high pressure from Betis.

6 ‘(0-0) Betis is playing a very vertical game that is allowing them to easily reach the Granada area.

3 ‘(0-0) Bellerín is the great novelty of the green-and-white painting today, while Maximiano is the great Nasrid novelty.

1 ‘(0-0) START THE MATCH! First possession for Granada, who wears red and white against a Betis that does gold.

The protagonists jump onto the playing field of Nuevo Los Cármenes!

Who will win the league this year?

Rui Silva returns to what was if home for several years.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Granada-Betis live online.

Granada has prevailed in their last three home matches against Real Betis in LaLiga, their best streak against the Betis team at home in the highest category.

Real Betis have only won one of their last six games against Granada in LaLiga (2E 3D), just the last (2-1 in May 2021). The Betic team has not won two matches in a row against the Nasrid in the competition since August 2011 (two also).

Where to see Granada-Betis today?

The match, which takes place today, Monday, September 13 at 10:00 p.m., will be televised through Movistar LaLiga and its streaming platform.

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