Get your iPhone 11 back one year after being stolen

As we have shared on several occasions, there are rare cases where lucky users have managed to get their iPhone back in perfect working order after facing the most incredible conditions. But a new fact, competes to overcome all the previous ones. And it is that late, but surely, a user has been able to share how has gotten his iPhone back, a year after it was stolen.

iPhone 11 blackThe iPhone 11 is spectacular

As one Reddit user shared, this got his iPhone 11 back after his car was robbed in March 2020 and have your new iPhone stolen with some other things; all thanks to the «Find My iPhone» app.

As most of us would, this user turned to the app “Find My” to find the whereabouts of his iPhone, without much luck and giving it up for lost.

Almost a year later received an email alert stating that the iPhone was on. Without thinking too much, he contacted the police, who sent someone to check and locate the iPhone:

“_I called the local police, explained the situation and gave them my police report number. An amazing assistant drove to the scene right away and in less than an hour, he had him in custody, and he can come pick him up _ »

Though Apple has systems that allow users to remotely lock their devices in case they are stolen to discourage thieves, some keep trying the thefts anyway.

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Most criminals also tend to turn off devices to prevent them from being located, but perhaps, only in this case, they have waited so long. And although it is logical to assume that the owners had enough time to get a new mobile, it is a great luck to have recovered your iPhone 11.