Get your greatest charm !, Carlos Rivera, the Chayanne Millennial

Get your greatest charm !, Carlos Rivera, the Chayanne Millennial | Instagram

Your mother had Chayanne, and you? Well, Carlos Rivera. The handsome Mexican actor and singer has shown that he can proudly wear the nickname “Chayanne Millennial “, this after he can win the hearts of his followers with his talent, attractiveness and pronounced dance steps.

On this occasion, the handsome Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra He accepted a challenge on Tik Tok, a decision that his most fervent admirers applauded as it was the perfect pretext for the former academic to bring out his greatest charm.

Possessing pronounced curves that steal sighs, Cynthia Rodríguez’s boyfriend had no compassion for Internet users and danced moving his hips to the fullest. Although he was dressed very casual, the truth is that he still steals hundreds of sighs.

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Carlos Rivera placeholder image He showed himself in shorts, a sleeveless shirt and a cap and described the challenge as “funny”; However, his followers got more than laughter, but rather a “taco de ojos”, when they saw the movements of the former member of La Academia.

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The singer has achieved enormous success after his stint on the TV Azteca reality show. His talent and charisma has led him to travel many parts of the world and spend a good time in Spain, where he was part of the musical El Rey León.

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His relationship with the television host Cynthia Rodríguez has given much to talk about, despite the fact that both are very hermetic with it and have barely seen each other in public.

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There are those who assure that this relationship is only part of the publicity and image of Carlos Rivera, who according to Javier Ceriani of Gossip No Like led the “crazy life” in Spain and there could be some things about him that are being hidden.

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