VideoProc is 4k video editing and processing software for Windows and Macintosh platforms that is ideal for users who want reliable and easy-to-use software for editing, converting, downloading and recording videos. You are right in the middle in terms of functionality between free software solutions and complex advanced applications.

VideoProc supports a wide range of features including large 4K, 8K, and video file processing, a simple and easy-to-use interface that you can get used to in no time, hardware acceleration support for fast video processing, and many additional features in addition to that.
The software installation is simple and without surprises. On the system side, VideoProc runs on Windows 7 and later, and Apple macOS 10.6 and newer devices. Requires an Intel or AMD GHz processor, 1 Gigabyte of RAM, and for hardware acceleration, an NVIDA GeForce GT 630 or higher, an AMD Radeon HD 770 or higher series, or an Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher. You can get a free $ 78.90 VideoProc license today. Enjoy all the functions without limits. Or you can purchase the full VideoProc license for a free lifetime upgrade and technical support.

The app checks the hardware capabilities of the device at startup and lists them on the interface. The scan detected the correct card in the test system, and the results of that test determine some of the features that are available when you use the program.
Note that you can rerun the test, for example after installing a new video card or a new driver. The main interface of the program shows the four main tools that the application provides:

Video – The complete set of tools for editing, converting and processing videos and audios.
DVD – A converted DVD to convert DVD to digital video files.
Download: You can download streams and videos from popular sites.
Capturer: record videos with the help of this tool.

Before diving in, it is recommended that you check the settings, as you may want to check the output directories and modify other preferences.

You’ll find options to change video, DVD and download paths, change recording settings, default media formats, and more. Everything is simple and an integrated search helps you find certain settings directly.

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4K video processing and editing

VideoProc accepts all kinds of multimedia files, including large videos such as 4K UHD videos, 120fps and 240fps videos, and smooth slow motion videos.

You can add one or more video or audio files to the application to process them. To do so, use the buttons provided at the top to upload videos, a video folder or audio files, or use drag and drop to add multimedia files in that way.

Every media file, even large files like an 8 Gigabyte 4K video test file, is quickly scanned and displayed with its most important parameters as a card in the interface. Items are listed with their name, audio and video codec, video resolution and playing time, a thumbnail screenshot, and various output, editing, and processing options.

If you don’t need to use any of the provided tools, just choose the desired destination format and output folder, and hit the Run button to start video processing. The whole process of adding videos and starting the conversion takes less than a minute in this case.

One of the best features of the program is that the workflows are excellent. Some options can be modified directly in the main interface, for example to load a subtitle or disable audio. Others, the media output setting, for example, opens a separate screen for making modifications; This is necessary since you can change many parameters if you want.

Beginners can use the quality slider at the top to quickly modify the output quality. Advanced users can drill down and modify many parameters, including codecs, frames and sample rates, aspect ratios, custom resolutions, and more.

Even better, these can be saved as profiles so you can load the profile whenever you want to use it.
You can switch to the Edit Video tab right now to use the included tools or start these tools from the main interface.

All tools provide a comparison of the original file and a preview of the output file so that it is easy to compare the two.
Basic video editing tools for beginners Here is the list of included tools:

Audio and video: rotate and flip video, change playback speed or audio volume, add audio delay, turn off all audio tracks and force A / V sync.
Effects: Apply an effect to the video, for example, make it grayscale or look like a painting.
Subtitle: Search for subtitles and add subtitles (.ass, .ssa, .srt) to the video.
Cut: Cut large 4K videos into small clips. It is a simple and easy process to achieve thanks to the preview video.
Trim: trim the video using presets or custom instructions.
Watermark: add a watermark to the video that may be text or image based.

Each option has an associated reset button (or an on / off button) to undo any of the changes made.
The video name, title, labels and illustrations can also be changed with the program.

VideoProc lists the popular output formats on the interface by default. These include generic Mp4 videos, videos for Android or iPhone and 4K devices. You can switch to the device for additional device-specific output formats, video for a list of supported video formats, or music for audio-only output formats.

A click on the plus icon opens even more output profiles, sorted by general profiles and device-specific profiles, which you can add or remove from the list. While that may take a bit of customization, you can use it to display only the formats you need and remove all others.

Other options include selecting “merge” to merge all the videos into one, or using the automatic copy functionality that prevents encoding to process videos super fast.

There is also a toolbox that can select additional processing tools:

Deshake or denoise: very useful for 4K videos recorded by GoPro and other action cameras Re-frame (re-frame video at 30/60/120/240 fps).
Improve video quality: improve video quality, adjust video playback speed, increase video resolution, correct audio and video sync.

Compression: scale down from 4k to 1080p, 90% compress large video size and keep original video quality. Rotate the video, create M3U8 or 3D to 2D conversion.

Video processing is very fast when you use the program. VideoProc supports full hardware acceleration that significantly speeds up processing and reduces the burden on the processor. The program produced excellent results when we performed conversion tests on large 4K video files. The quality of the resulting videos was very good and the playback was not choppy or slow.

Fast 4K video conversions

Thanks to full hardware acceleration support, 4K video conversions (and other tasks) are handled quickly. We did a test with VideoProc, Handbrake and Movavi to see how each of the programs worked. The output file was a 1 Gigabyte 4K video file and the destination format was Full HD Mp4.

VideoProc managed to process the file in about a minute, while processing took Movavi about 1:45 minutes and Handbrake over 7 minutes.

You can use the app for a wide variety of tasks, including batch converting as many video files as you need to one of the more than 420 formats the app supports, for example H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV to iPhone / MP4, AVI to YouTube, 3D to 2D, or compress videos to 90% of their original size without loss of quality, which is great for mobile use.

The « other » tools provided by VideoProc

VideoProc comes with three additional tools that fit well. You can use it to convert DVD to digital video files, burn or download videos.

Downloading videos or music requires a URL that you paste into the interface. Then the app parses the link and can select the
desired resolution and output format. The app can download the latest download information for video sites from the company’s server before beginning the process, as sites can change video delivery parameters.

YouTube and Vimeo accounts are compatible for downloading private videos and viewing videos from later lists.

The developers note that the app supports the download of more than 1000 online streaming sites. Another useful feature is the ability to download complete playlists in one go.

Recording allows you to record your desktop screen or webcams. Additional options include making a video image-in-image, great for instructional videos, or demanding green screen / Chroma key.

DVD processing finally converts DVD videos into digital media files.

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VideoProc is powerful video editing and processing software for Windows and Apple devices. It is easy to use but powerful enough to appeal to advanced users who want full control over the conversion processes.

Its main features include excellent hardware acceleration support, support for creating conversion profiles, options for downloading or burning videos, and ripping DVDs. Best of all, it’s also very fast when running tasks as long as hardware acceleration is supported.

The program is very suitable for processing and editing 4K video files and large video files thanks to its hardware acceleration support. It’s a fantastic option, here you can get a lifetime discount license.