“Get to work and stop telling stories”

The nun Sor Lucía, during a Book Fair. (Photo: GTRES)

The popular nun Sister Lucía Caram has harshly charged on Twitter against ERC deputy Gabriel Rufián for the words he recently dedicated to the members of Vox in Congress. The politician asked them if they were Catholic and accused them of “believing in snakes that speak, in doves that impregnate and that women come from the rib of a man.”

“I’m sorry Gabriel Rufián, you should apologize to Catholics, including your boss Oriol Junqueras. You think that with your rhetoric you are grateful and this time you have shown little intelligence, no respect, in addition to being a real misplaced ”, the nun wrote before finishing:“ Get to work and stop telling stories ”.

Also the general secretary and spokesman for the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Luis Argüello, has denounced the “contempt for the Bible” and the “pointing out and mocking” Catholics carried out by Rufián.

“I am concerned about the contempt for the Bible and the pointing out and mocking Catholics yesterday in the Cortes. I’m sure that (Oriol)
Junqueras will not feel respected ”, Luis Argüello has indicated in a tweet published this Wednesday.

In addition, on the Trans Law, which finally did not go ahead due to the abstention of the PSOE, the spokesman for the bishops has shown his rejection of the text because, in his opinion, it means “legislating against the reality of the body in each of its cells ”.

For his part, the president of the EEC, the Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, ​​Juan José Omella, lamented Gabriel Rufián’s “words of derision” and reminded him that some of his voters will be Catholics.

“We Catholics regret the mocking words of a politician …

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