Get to know the premieres of Netflix, Disney + and Amazon for this purpose

‘(A) Normal’ (Friday)

‘To the face’ (Friday)

‘Love threatened’ (Friday)

‘Caught’ (Friday)

‘Under arrest’ (Friday)

‘La Banyera’ (Friday)

‘Between a rock and a hard place’ (Friday)

‘Bonobos’ (Friday)

‘The snail and the whale’ (Friday)

‘The Deerskin Jacket’ (Friday)

‘Accomplices’ (Friday)

‘Cris Superstar’ (Friday)

‘Dana’ (Friday)

‘Dolapo is fine’ (Friday)

‘The Duke of Burgundy’ (Friday)

‘Encounters in the dark’ (Friday)

‘This summer and the rest’ (Friday)

‘The ghosts of Ismael’ (Friday)

‘Feleminderit’ (Friday)

‘Ferrotypes’ (Friday)

‘Save’ (Friday)

‘Hello World’ (Friday)

‘The Empire of Shadows’ (Friday)

‘The intimate touch’ (Friday)

‘Lovf’ (Friday)

‘Beyond the stars’ (Friday)

‘North’ (Friday)

‘Our mothers’

‘Pa’Lante’ (Friday)

‘The owners’ (Friday)

‘Els que callen’ (Friday)

‘Renaixem’ (Friday)

‘The Rescue: Rescue Team’ (Friday)

‘Roberto’ (Friday)

‘Routine: the ban’ (Friday)

‘Wild’ (Friday)

‘The lady of the house’ (Friday)

‘Slaxx’ (Friday)

‘Stanbrook’ (Friday)

‘Everything happens in Tel Aviv’ (Friday)

‘The traitor’ (Sunday)

‘Vals & Rumba’ (Friday)

‘Vulnerable’ (Friday)

‘Willow Creek’ (Friday)

‘And it rained birds’ (Friday)

‘I’ (Friday)

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