Get to know the interior of Adamari López’s luxurious car that costs $ 130 thousand dollars

Adamari Lopez She is very active in social networks, she usually shares her exercise routines, her professional projects, as well as family moments and This time he surprised his more than 5 million followers by showing what one of his luxurious cars looks like inside.

In several videos that he uploaded to his Instagram stories you can see the disinfection process he did to one of his cars with the help of a specialist, but all were captivated by the details that the vehicle has inside and by noticing the brand that carries the driver.

It is a Tesla Model X, considered the most powerful model of the company, which costs approximately $ 130 thousand dollars.

As if that were not enough, in the recording it can also be noted that the Costa López family owns at least three other cars, apart from the super luxury Tesla.

On YouTube where a channel captured her images, many followers of the Puerto Rican have expressed their amazement at seeing the vehicle she occupies every day, however, They do not hesitate to congratulate her, as they claim she deserves that and much more.

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