As every year, the 24th edition of the French Cinema Tour will arrive in October of this year, and it brings with it seven French films that can be enjoyed in 73 cities in the Mexican Republic thanks to the Cinépolis Art Room.

This was announced by the official account of the Tour on Twitter with a cineminute that introduces us to the seven titles that we can enjoy in this cycle carried out during the tenth month of the year.

Among the seven films that make up the selection of this edition of the French Film Tour we find everything from romantic comedies and family dramas to stories with a sci-fi tinge. Therefore, so that you finish convincing yourself not to miss the titles of this edition of the tour, below you can learn more about these unmissable titles.

Someone, somewhere (Klapisch, 2019)

In this family comedy, two young Parisians live two completely different lives, but share depressed moods and close homes, so their stories could be intertwined.

The Belle Époque (Bedos, 2019)

A man experiences a crisis with his partner, so in his disappointment he will experience an unexpected turn when he has the opportunity to re-immerse himself in the moment of his life that he chooses.

The Last Life of Simon (Karmann, 2019)

This science fiction film introduces us to Simón, an 8-year-old orphan boy with the power to change his appearance and become anyone he has touched.

The enlightened (Suco, 2019)

A young woman named Camille experiences a huge family drama when her parents join a religious sect that will consume her to the point of having to fight for her freedom and that of her brothers and sisters.

My stupid dog (Attal, 2019)

This comedy stars Henri, a writer in a moment of crisis who meets a dog who sneaks into his house and will lead him to re-evaluate his life path.

Three days and a life (Boukhrief, 2019)

Three crimes developed on Christmas 1999 in a small French town will be key in the devastation of a boy named Antoine.

A little lie (Rappenau, 2019)

Théo is the son of Laurent, a lonely, disappointed and alcoholic father, so after wanting to give his father some hope throughout his life, the opportunity comes when Théo is about to play for Arsenal.

If you do not plan to miss any of the films on the 24th French Film Tour, remember that now going to the cinema is a very different experience from what we were originally used to, so do not forget to take a look at the new hygiene measures and security so that the experience of watching a movie on the big screen can continue to be possible.

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