Get the Shadowrun Trilogy for free on GOG

Just a couple of clicks separate you from getting the trilogy of Shadowrun free on GOG, three great classic-style RPGs that if you like the genre, but have not played, you will enjoy from beginning to end. Shadowrun fan word (!).

Let it not be said that only the Epic Store Games gives away games: if you are not much from the Fornite store, but you are from other more friendly for the multiplatform user such as Good Old Games, this promotion for which the trilogy of Shadowrun free on GOG is quite interesting … As long as you don’t already have the games, something very likely if, as I said, you are fond of the genre.

And gender is none other than Classic western style RPG, closer to the Wasteland series than to the Baldur’s Gate series due to the turn-based combat, but with those two example titles you have already gotten used to the idea of ​​what you will find in Shadowrun. With two important nuances, and that is that in Shadowrun the plot has a lot of weight, so its development is linear; and its cyberpunk setting, hallmark of the franchise.

Shadowrun emerged as a tabletop role-playing game in the late 1980s, with console adaptations that didn’t go a long way. However, over the past decade the franchise has been rebuilt on PC and launched a very well-run trilogy of games, which is the one that you can now get for free on GOG with the incentive of being the most complete versions of the games: Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut Y Shadowrun Hong Kong – Extended Edition make up the package.

Because not everything is exceptional in Shadowrun, its tight duration, the aforementioned linearity and that only the first of them has been translated into Spanish, according to the importance of the story, they are handicaps that the game has, but since you they are regulating… Download the Shadowrun trilogy for free on GOG, you have until June 28 to do so. We leave you with the trailer for Shadowrun Returns.

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