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Centered in the 4th century BC. C., this choral work unravels the different aspects of the Athens of Pericles without neglecting its origin.

Why did Athens achieve dominance? How did you get it? And how did it configure its political and social structure? Who were the protagonists? This book answers all these questions. And it does so from the hand of great experts in the history of classical Greece, specialists who delve into the transcendental pages of this period to explain its idiosyncrasy and the evolution of democracy.

This book walks alongside “our ancients” in a splendid time, the 5th century BC. C .: the classical Greece of Pericles, the one that awoke after the great naval battle of Salamis and isolated Sparta, the one that gave Athens the courage to believe in itself. “What you leave behind is not what remains etched in stone monuments, but what remains woven into the lives of others.” Pericles.

As if it were a temple, the reader will go through each of its parts or rooms, which are exposed to his understanding and to his eyes in a clear and entertaining way, to marvel at all its advances and beauty, to offer him new questions .

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