Get ready for the heat with one of the best ceiling fans

Tips for buying a ceiling fan

Now that you know you need a ceiling fan, you will need to know its most basic characteristics. Otherwise, you will not know what to expect to decide which fan to buy:

Space. The space to which the device will be dedicated is essential. Both in dimensions and in use. That is to say: you will not need the same fan for a 20 square meter room as for a 10 square meter bathroom. Besides the size of its blades, its materials will also matter.
Light. The normal thing in current models is that they have light. Therefore, its function overlaps with that of a lamp, so it is also you must attend to the lighting needs of the room.
Consumption. Depending on the type of motor, the ceiling fans can consume more or less. You should assess it based on your needs.
Velocity. At higher speed of movement, more air removed in less time. Therefore, if you need to cool a particularly bulky room, your ceiling fan can reach high speeds.
Blades. This will also be influenced by the size of the blades. Maybe you don’t need higher speed like bigger diameter on your fan. The larger the diameter, the larger the blades and the higher the air conditioning level..
Rotation. Many fans have a reverse fan function. This means that, on colder days, the blades will turn in reverse, helping the hot air go down to our position in the room.
Noise. One of the main problems with these devices is the noise they make. But you should know that there are models of low consumption and tremendously silent.

Types of ceiling fans

Although ceiling fans fulfill a very clear function, the truth is that there are several different types in criteria function that we take into account:

Indoor or outdoor. The first thing, that you know that there are models designed for him inside home and others for gardens, terraces and others outside.
According to the type of ignition. Depending on how we operate the appliance, these can be of strap, for switch or by remote control. Some models even combine several of these types.
Fans with light. The most common thing in today’s ceiling fans is that count on light. In fact, it is rare to see models today that do not have this functionality.
According to the materials. Depending on the materials, the fans they can be made of steel, wood or some material similar to ceramic. This will not only condition its work and durability, but also its decorative power.

How to install a ceiling fan?

It is true that it is not essential to have the help of a professional to install your ceiling fan, but you will need to be a “handyman“. If you do not trust power strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, we recommend that leave a few euros to hire a professional. This will force you to increase the initial investment, but believe us that you will gain in health.

How high do you have to place the ceiling fans?

Everything will depend on the size of the room and the fan itself, but we recommend that do not install one of these devices at a height lower than 2.20 meters. Especially, if there are children running around, because he thinks they reach everywhere.

Conversely, We also do not recommend installing a fan above 3m, because you will hardly feel the stirred air. In any case, each manufacturer has its own specifications to get the most out of each of its models.