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More than a decade ago, the question of whether a PC could run Crysis became a symbol of the power of this platform and those who enjoyed the first installment of the franchise created by CRYTEK must prepare themselves because in just under a month the remastering will be between U.S.

Although reports indicated that more information related to Crysis Remastered would be revealed on July 1, the business sector has pre-empted at least the announcement of its debut date. A few moments ago, the Twitter account NESbot reported on an update on the Crysis Remastered site in the Microsoft Store, which reveals that this title will arrive on July 23. Also, the approximate size calculated for this remastering is 7 GB, although we will have to wait for it to be confirmed.

So far, neither CRYTEK, nor Saber Interactive, responsible for this remastering, have said anything about it, so it remains only to wait for the official information that starts the countdown for the debut of Crysis Remastered.

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