Sainz and Norris prepare the return of F1 with karts and a Formula 3

The British assures that he is ready to return to the slopes

The countdown to the Austrian GP on July 5 is already underway and with it also the preparation of the drivers. Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz took advantage of a rainy day in England last week to have fun on board some karts together with the pilot Jehan Daruvala.

Norris has shared some moments on his YouTube channel in a new episode of LandoLOG, which he had not posted since March when he showed how the pre-season tests were in Barcelona.

Along with the three pilots were Zak Brown, the representatives and even the British coach, among others. Norris, who will face his second season in Formula 1, has delighted his fans with images recorded from a camera placed in the helmet, so that the vision of those who watch the video is the same as what he has had.

In addition to fun kart fights, the two McLaren drivers have also taken advantage to ride at Silverstone with a Carlin Formula 3. In fact, today they have carried out another test in preparation for Austria. It should be remembered that they could not do it with a McLaren, so they had to find another car.

Norris has admitted that it has been difficult to return to driving both a kart and a car after three months of quarantine without practically leaving home. However, he feels ready to face the first race of this 2020.

“Very tough. It has been three days of preparation for Austria. Two days in a Formula 3 at Silverstone and one in karting. Karting is one of the best things for the body with the potholes and everything. It was good to drive a little and seeing some friends too. It was worth it. There are still days to continue preparing for Austria, “he explained.

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