Since ancient civilizations this is considered a fact: tender rosy cheeks they are synonymous with health and beauty for many and many. But how do we make them like that without makeup?

The problem lies when your skin is pale. Without help from make up, sometimes women cannot achieve the desired cheek tone. Luckily, today we bring you the solution and tell you the secrets of Emma Watson and Nicole Kidman to get this pink color and naturally.

How to get a natural rosy hue on the cheeks. Emma Watson is the example glade for naturally pink cheeks.

First of all, experts recommend that, to have naturally flushed cheeks, it is necessary exercise daily, which allows blood to travel throughout the body and better maintain all of our skin. Of course, a balance diet with foods rich in carotenoids, like carrots, melons and tomatoes, it is also important to have nice cheeks.

Another option you can do is exfoliate your cheeks. Make a cremite with a little raw oatmeal and honey and apply it gently, rubbing in circles for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water. This will allow your skin to regenerate properly and restore the color of the area.

Emma Watson is the example glade for naturally pink cheeks.

Finally, complement the previous steps with a good fluid intake. Remember that eight glasses of water a day allows the skin to stay young and beautiful, and delays the appearance of wrinkles. Put these into practice 3 foolproof steps and you will see results in no time.