Get it down! Mia Khalifa shows more than her flirty abdomen

Get it down! Mia Khalifa shows more than her flirty abdomen | Instagram

For Mia Khalifa and her fans it is inevitable not to see the results of the gym in her exquisite figure, proudly showed part of her abdomen when she lowered her bottom garment.

Really for the Lebanese model and social media celebrity the new challenge of showing off with a different physical appearance than the one we met from Mia khalifa in 2014 in his films for adults, it has not been easy.

However, she has managed to move forward with growing and ending up wearing a slim figure and at the same time marked of which the model and actress is proud.

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What are you training for ?! “Mia Khalifa wrote.

It was on October 9, 2020 that he shared this Photo on Instagram, there is in front of the mirror with one leg on top of a chair, showing her charms and her abdomen lowering the garment she was wearing a little.


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Several of her fans were proud of her in this publication, because it has been a somewhat radical change in her, but all to improve her appearance and be able to show her off to everyone without any shame, although this has never really stopped her .

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