Get it down! Ana Cheri shows curves of her flirty silhouette

Get it down! Ana Cheri shows curves of her flirty silhouette | Instagram

In order to show her captivating curves and tremendous silhouette, the model and businesswoman Ana Cheri, decided to behave a bit daring to show her silhouette.

While in her room in front of the mirror, this magnificent celebrity reveals a little of everything! This is because she is wearing a rather short top, so much so that her charms come out underneath.

The exquisite charms by Ana Cheri they shine immediately, because it is not difficult to be able to delight yourself with this scene, the top is with thin straps and with some ruffles.

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At the bottom he is wearing only a beige garment, which Ana Cheri It goes down a little on the side of his hip, even though the scene lasts no more than five seconds probably more than one of his followers decided to repeat it over and over again.


Since the garment he is wearing is beige at first glance it seems that he is not wearing anything underneath, so surely more than one of them must have seen the video on more than one occasion to make sure.

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East video She shared it through her Instagram stories, apparently the model was in her beautification moment, because she was wearing a mask.

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