Gervonta Davis claimed himself as one of the best boxers of the moment

Darío Pérez
@ Ringsider2020
Photos: Sean Michael Ham / Mayweather Promotions

PBC offered us a good evening last morning in Atlanta (United States), with several very interesting matches.

The WBA super featherweight world champion Gervonta davis (25-0, 24 KO) gained weight in the gala’s main event to face his compatriot Mario Barrios (26-1, 17 KO). Tense fight from the beginning, with both playing their cards, very different for the physical difference, impressive, in height, kilos and reach of arms. Barrios wanted to mark territory, seeking to work with his anthropomorphic possibilities so different from those of his rival, trying to make Davis worry more about not receiving the forward rectum than about being able to launch attacks. The Texan was trying to be serious, disciplined, without breaking down the defense, and Mayweather’s pupil wanted things to happen, with several very fast attacks in each round, which began to pay off in the fifth.

They were hard partials to score, because Davis seemed more aggressive and precise, but Barrios used the jab to make most of the time go according to his interests. But in the eighth round everything changed, because Gervonta Davis mutated into a real hurricane that hit Mario Barrios over and over again, mistreating him for three minutes, cut and knocked down with a crochet to the temple and another hand to the middle of the face. However, in a good ninth inning, Barrios again stopped his elusive rival, going to spectacular exchanges in the tenth with a Davis cutting Barrios with a blow to the liver in the eleventh that threw him to the ground. The referee stopped the fight after Davis’ next blow, which showed that he is a great star in today’s boxing firmament.

The semi-background match was the WBC super welterweight world qualifying round, with Sergio García and Sebastián Fundora on the prowl, between Erickson lubin (24-1, 17 KO) and the «Banana» Jeison Rosario (20-3-1, 14 KO). Tactical fight in the opening bars, both contenders cautious in this important challenge for both, left-handed against right-handed looking to decipher the opposite guard. Finally, we saw the first important blows when the third round was an ordeal for Rosario, showing Lubin superior and the Dominican vulnerable, including a hand after the final bell that made the Caribbean retire in poor condition. To the surprise of almost everyone, Lubin did not attack an injured rival, and this took its toll, suffering the hands of Banana in the fourth inning and continuing this beautiful duel with the feeling that victory could go to any corner. Thus came the sixth round, when Lubin hit Rosario hard again, who endured a fall (blow below the waist included) and could not do it with the second (blow to the temple while kneeling on the ground by means of).

Previously, the Dominican super welterweight Carlos Adamés (20-1, 1 KO) faced the rocky Mexican Alexis Salazar (23-4, 9 KO). First rounds a little leaden, study between both, until the subtraction of two points for low blow and not obeying the instructions of the referee to Carlos Adamés in the third round; this seemed to change the islander’s chip because, seconds later, it masterfully reached Salazar’s chin in a great distraction movement. Salazar did not get up with enough muscle tone, despite the final bell, as he was in very poor condition.

Russian of Uzbek origin Batyr Akhmedov (9-1, 8 KO) and the Dominican Algenis Mendez (25-7-3, 12 KO) crossed twelve rounds at super lightweight, in a decisive bout for both races. The fourth Olympic finalist and the veteran former world champion battled for the center of the ring and for the lead foot, being left-handed against right-handed. Akhmedov got more work in the first rounds, but was cut by Mendez, the product of a head rub, on the eyebrow already in the second round. More selective, almost by dropper, the Central American attacked, trying to live off the jab and counterattack, trying to use his mobility to elude the participant in Rio 2016. The passing of the minutes made a dent in Méndez, who agreed with his corner to leave after the eighth assault, meaning a great victory for the Uzbek to return to the big events.

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