Gerrit Cole surpasses all-time MLB strikeout mark

The sprinter of the New York Yankees, Gerrit cole was placed again in another of so many times in the history books from MLB, who on Wednesday night overthrew pitcher Stephen Strasburg in the second position of a selective strikeout mark.

The aforementioned Washington Nationals pitcher, Stephen Strasburg, had kept in his control the second position of the select brand of the faster to reap the 1,500 strikeout mark in the history of MLB, position that now happens to dominate the star of the mound, Gerrit Coland.

Stephen Strasburg, had reached the 1,500 strikeout mark in his career as a professional pitcher in a span of 213 games played in the MLB, thus occupying the second position to reach 1,500 strikeouts in fewer games in history, a position that he will occupy from now on Gerrit cole, with one less action game.

Gerrit cole crossed the 1,500 strikeout mark in a span of 212 games played in the MLB, leaving Strasburg behind to occupy the second historical position of the aforementioned milestone, both being surpassed by the pitcher and MLB Hall of Fame, Randy Johnson, who had his first 1,500 strikeouts in a span of only 206 action games.

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