Germany’s wheat harvest in 2021 would be higher than in the previous season

HAMBURG, Apr 16 (Reuters) – Germany’s 2021 wheat harvest is set to rise 2.2% from the previous year to 22.63 million tonnes, the country’s association of agricultural cooperatives reported on Friday in its second estimate of the production.

Meanwhile, the DRV association forecasts that the winter rapeseed harvest in 2021 will increase by 1.6% compared to last summer to 3.57 million tons.

These figures are higher than forecasts in March, when DRV had forecast a wheat harvest of 22.34 million tonnes and a winter rape crop of 3.48 million tonnes.

The weather in Germany has been “fundamentally positive” for cereals and rapeseed, so forecasts have been raised, the association said.

In France it is feared that frost will damage some crops, but that country suffered more intense cold than Germany in April.

The cold weather in Germany in recent weeks has slowed the growth of grains and rapeseed, and some crops are two to three weeks behind last year, according to the association. But overall the outlook for crop yields is positive.

Germany is the second largest wheat producer in the European Union, behind France, and for many years also the largest producer of rapeseed, the region’s main oilseed for edible oil and biodiesel.

(Reporting by Michael Hogan. Edited in Spanish by Javier Leira)