Germany.- The Greens of Germany aspire to a possible coalition with the Social Democratic Party


The president of the German Greens party, Michael Kellner, has spoken out in favor of a possible coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) after the parliamentary elections next September.

“It would be my desired government, if I could choose,” Kellner explained, referring to a possible alliance between his party and the Social Democrats.

The prospects for a concrete coalition after the September 26 elections are uncertain. The latest polls give both parties together less than 40 percent of the vote: about 20 percent for Los Verdes, and between 15 and 17 percent for the SPD.

Kellner has stressed that his party will try to achieve, first of all, a good result for its own candidates. “Because this is the guarantee for society to become more social and ecological,” he said. A coalition could only be negotiated with the electoral results in sight, added the president of Los Verdes.

The environmentalist party leader rejected that everything pointed to a coalition of Los Verdes with the conservative alliance CDU / CSU. “Our objective in the elections is not to become a junior partner of the conservatives, but to displace them from the Head of Government,” said Kellner.

The president of Los Verdes declared himself willing to talk with all democratic parties after the elections, but evaluating with which of them his party could achieve the most goals of its program.

The current German government coalition is made up of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), her Bavarian partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU), and the SPD.