The German government is about to carry out 100,000 tests to find the antibodies that help fight and overcome the new coronavirus

By: Web Writing

The government of Germany a considerably advanced measure was proposed on the way to overcome the crisis of the coronavirusThey seek to provide an immune passport that allows them to leave during quarantine.

Only people who have been cured or who are immune to the disease will be able to take to the streets to return to the streets.

The plan was released by Der Spiegel, who detailed that the government German seeks to carry out a massive study of citizens to determine which antibodies help combat the fearsome coronavirus Covid_19

This study will analyze the blood of more than 100,000 people who have gone through the disease, as well as those who are highly likely to become infected.

Currently it has already been revealed that there is a European company that has a CE license, which empowers them to produce rapid tests. It is estimated that in just 15 minutes, these tests are capable of detecting antibodies to fight COVID-19.

It is said that if someone has become ill and then escaped unscathed, their antibodies will remain in the blood and act as a vaccine.