May 26, 2020

Berlin / Gold News. The world will not be the same after the coronavirus pandemic and although in some countries infections have decreased, as long as there is no effective cure you cannot claim victory, that’s why the lifting of sanitary measures is relative; some activities must continue with social distancing.

Such is the case of the entertainment industry; Live shows will have to change their formats to continue offering fun to people but without crowds. This effect, which in some countries has taken the name of ‘new normal’, it was already verified in a concert in the United States that it had a limited capacity, among other sanitary measures. And now, in Germany, they did the test but with a party.

The TakaTuka collective organized the first post-quarantine celebration in the European country using the Coconut Beach club as headquarters, located in the city of Münster. Although to develop the party the organizers they had to reduce the capacity of the place and of 2 thousand people (the quota of the site), only 100 could enter.

On the day of the event, the organizers painted circles on the floor of the venue to mark the space for each attendee. Also, attendees Their temperature was taken before entering the club and they were forced to wear face masks throughout the musical day. Also the bar and DJ areas had restrictive measures to keep distance from the public.