German police charge against violent protest over restrictions

German police forcibly disbanded a violent demonstration by groups opposed to COVID-19 restrictions

The german police dissolved this Wednesday through the strength a manifestation violent from groups opposites at restrictions imposed by the pandemic of coronavirus who tried to access the restricted area next to Parliament and did not comply with hygiene and distancing measures.

The violence started at noon and lasted for about three hours, while in the Bundestag (lower house) a plenary session was held to approve the reform of the Infection Protection Law, in order to provide a legal basis for the current restrictions by COVID-19.

Both the Bundestag and the upper house (Bundesrat) finally approved that reform, which allows the coalition government that presides Angela Merkel base the measures decided to fight the pandemic on a more precise legal basis.

Concentration versus Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin, had passed for a few hours in a peaceful way, despite the fact that the participants did not wear masks and did not maintain a safety distance, but after 11:00 local time the situation was complicated with the arrival of new protesters, who came to add several Thousands.

Among these were groups of far-rightists who raised the tension, confronted the police by throwing bottles and flares and sometimes tried to enter the restricted area, where protests were not allowed.

The police, with about two thousand officers, then ended the demonstration and demanded that the participants disperse, without any success.

The security forces, who confirmed more than a hundred arrests, ended up resorting to water cannons and tear gas.

The government asks to respect the distance measures

The deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer He stressed, regarding the protesters who did not comply with the hygiene and distance rules, that these are “inalienable” and that the limits to this type of protests are precisely the respect of these measures.

I am here because they are taking away our freedom, they are making a law that allows them to go to our house, take our children and give them pharmaceutical products, “a young protester who did not want to identify himself told ..

Another protester who also refused to give his identity completed: “I think the covid exists, I know people who have experienced it, but the right to freedom and continue with your work is also super important.”

We are here demonstrating because there is a new law of Parliament that gives all power to the government, “Klaus Molo, about 70 years old, said to Efe. He said about CCOVID-19:” It’s a normal cold. There are always viruses around us, we have to continue leading a normal life ”.

Meanwhile, the session of Parliament was passing in an angry manner due to the crossing of accusations between the Executive, which brought the reform of the law to the plenary session to legally ensure its performance in the application of restrictions, and the extreme right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The German Minister of Health, Jens spahn, argued that a challenge such as the pandemic always involves harm and it is the task of politics to weigh them up and establish priorities. “Health protection has a higher relative weight,” he added.

The Minister of Health asks to balance freedoms and restrictions

He added that the objective is to reduce the number of infections and ease the burden on the health system, achieving the “correct balance” between freedoms and rights, on the one hand, and restrictions for higher reasons.

The extreme rightists considered that the margin of action that the reform grants to the Executive and Legislative in exceptional moments constitutes a violation of fundamental rights.

Police had already warned parliamentarians on Tuesday of possible attacks by protesters.

Germany has been applying restrictions since March to control the spread of the pandemic and has approved a series of extraordinary measures for this November due to the rebound in infections.

For several months now, groups of pandemic deniers, critics of the restrictions and adherents of various conspiracy theories have been demonstrating weekly in Germany and sometimes attracting several thousand people.

The police warned that these groups are infiltrated and sometimes run by far-rightists.

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